The first 3 KEY movements I teach my clients!

In order for my clients to see the best results, it's important for them to learn how to be aware of their body and understand how to use it properly. There are 3 movements I teach every single one of my clients in the beginning: how to engage their core, how to squat and how to hinge.

1. CORE: I like to call the core the "powerhouse" of the body. When I say the core, I don't just mean the Rectus Abdominis, or the "6 pack muscles." That muscle is called a "mover" muscle, we use it all the time, it's very easy to strengthen. I mean the deeper muscles that move, support and stabilize your spine. Learning how to activate these muscles takes patience and practice! Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony; this leads to better balance and stability. Keeping the core strong can help avoid injury and get rid of back pain that most of us have. For example, my husband and I both have been doing just 3 specific core exercises every day and neither of us have had back pain in a long time! I also had a runner do a marathon with NO back pain for the first time, and he was in his 50s! Come see me to learn how to do these simple exercises!!

2. SQUAT: Oh the squat. This is one of the exercises I see performed wrong all the time. I've had people ask me, "are my knees supposed to hurt when I squat?" my response is NO! One of the cues I give to my clients is, "squat with your hips, not your knees." What I teach right away is called a 4-point squat. This is a great warm-up before doing any heavy squats, lunges or deadlifts. This helps train the body to activate the glutes properly in a squat, which will make it easier to sit back into the heels and not push the body weight into the knees. I teach this AFTER I teach the core, because you have to know how to use the core in order to squat properly. Squatting properly has many benefits such as, building muscle throughout your entire body, making real life activities easier, burning more fat, maintaining balance and stability, preventing injuries, boosting sports performance and even toning your backside and abdominals! Come see me to learn how to do a 4-point squat!

3. HINGE: One of the primary reasons people get injured during training, aren’t progressing in lower body exercises, and have trouble building the backside of the body (especially glutes) is that they haven’t mastered fundamental movement patterns such as the hip hinge! The hip hinge, in my opinion, the most important movement pattern in strength training. It involves sitting back with minimal knee bending and then “snapping” (hinging) forward. By using the hip as a hinge for the lower and upper body we’re able to thoroughly engage the posterior chain – especially glutes, hamstrings, and lower back – during the deadlift, kettlebell swing, and other movements that are largely hip dominant. Even though the hip hinge can seem like a simple movement pattern, the fact is that most people who are new to strength training – and even many intermediate lifters – have difficulties performing a posterior weight shift through the hips. There's only so much I can explain over writing....come see me to learn how to hinge properly, which will help you avoid injury and help you build a great backside!